What I want Chia company to do

What I want Chia company to do

I believe Chia, and I hope my belief will not be proved to be wrong in the future.

Below is what I want Chia company to do for better Chia eco-system.


1. I want Chia company to post Timeline from the past to the future to see all achievements, milestones, present and future goals in on place. I think we have limitation to know what the Chia company plans to do in the short term and the long term. It would be helpful if Chia company put the information of Chia’ company’s goals for each quarter so that we could easily track what Chia company makes an effort each term and how much Chia company could achieve their goal based on the original timeline plan. Moreover, we would like to know when the planned timeline for IPO and listing on US exchanges.
2. It would be good to have AMA at least once per month. Moreover, it would be good to have a post on Chia subreddit to ask questions at least 1 week before AMA so that Chia devs have enough time to answer the questions. Last, it would be good to pin the post for a week before the AMA like Weekly Chia Discussion & Support Thread so that many people could participate and ask questions.

3. Chia is a platform coin and the competitors are ETH, Solana, and many other new coins. Chialips has already been released but I couldn’t hear about anything meaningful dapp based on the Chia blockchain. There are several meme CATs but it is literally useless for the real use case. Chia price has dropped more than 95% for 7 months while BTC enjoyed ATH. There might be no motivation for developers to build dapps on the Chia blockchain. Chia company should encourage developers to join in CAT by offering advantages or incentives to make them participate. Nothing could be done spontaneously. Chia is a latecomer; therefore, Chia company needs to spend funded money to attract developers and market as well. As far as I know, Chia company already funded around $70M and it is enormous money. The biggest funding taken by Chia Network is $61M in May,2021. It is almost 88% of the total funding. I strongly believe we farmers have contribution to that much amount of funding. If the net space of Chia blockchain was around 1 EiB, I strongly believe the investors wouldn’t invest that much enormous to Chia company. We farmers made enormously high net space, and it made Chia blockchain more decentralized and stable. Nothing is free in the world. We farers invested money on hardware, electricity, and TIME as well. We farmers want Chia company to invest funded money to develop Chia eco-system. Platform coin is not a monopoly market, and competition is getting harder.


4. I am a little bit worried about that it seems like Chia company and Chia farmers have different profit model. I am not a professional investor so my interpretation could be wrong. Based on the business paper of Chia, the price of XCH is not directly related to the Chia company’s profit. Is that the reason why Chia company’s official employees keep saying that Chia company doesn’t;’t care about the XCH price? For Chia farmers and XCH buyers, the only way to get a profit is a price increase. If the profit model of Chia company are different from Chia farmers or XCH buyers, it is possible that the most of the profit will flow to the Chia company, even if XCH farmers lose money.

I believe Chia has a lot of potential, and I hope my belief will not be proved to be wrong.

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