Welcome to the xch.gallery NFT Marketplace!!

XCH Gallery

Hey all,

Let us start by saying we are not connected to the Chia Network team, just a couple of developers who want to see the ecosystem expand and succeed.

That being said let us introduce you to xch.gallery, an NFT Marketplace currently live on Chia TestNet10!

We are still in the development phase and working through a number of enhancements but are ready for a widespread audience to start testing. Please review the information provided in the Official Links post as it contains all necessary information to start creating and buying NFTs on the marketplace: https://www.reddit.com/r/xch_gallery/comments/rcoesy/official_links/

Please stop by our Discord page to let us know your thoughts and connect with other developers, artists, and Chia community members.

Note: we are a small team and doing our best to develop and release the first NFT Marketplace on the Chia network, if we have overlooked anything in our website or social network designs and features please do let us know.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/xch_gallery/comments/rcqkt1/welcome_to_the_xchgallery_nft_marketplace/