Chia plotting to multiple HDDs

I’m searching for a simple way to combine multiple HDDs to plot with MadMax.

This is to let the system run for a couple of weeks until all drives are full and then move them to my farmer

Would you use one of these?

  • mhddfs (looks easy, not sure if files are split)

  • mergerfs (looks complex hard to find the right policy)



I am using mergerfs on my farmer, I see no reason why the same couldn’t be used as plotting destination. Or rather, what I would do is use an NVMe (or fast SSD) as destination and setup madmax via plotman archiving to your temporary HDD array. The way this works with madmax+rsync is filling up all the disks mounted in the target directory. Instead of this, what I am actually doing is from the NVMe destination I move (with madmax+plotman archiving) to the farmer machine over 10GBe (ConnectX 3, so cheap on ebay), to a single mergerfs array.

In case you are going with the mergerfs way, this is my fstab record:

/mnt/pp/disk* /mnt/ppfuse fuse.mergerfs defaults,nonempty,allow_other,use_ino,cache.files=off,moveonenospc=true,dropcacheonclose=true,minfreespace=110G,fsname=mergerfs,category.create=mfs 0 0